Surgical Solution


Cosmetic surgery for getting rid of skin tags, warts, seborrhoeic keratosis, moles and other unpleasant growths of the skin is done with the latest technology called ‘Radiosurgery’.

This technique does not burn or char the skin thereby helps in faster healing of the skin with superior cosmetic results compared to cryosurgery or electro cautery.

No. Of sessions: Single

Duration per session: 30 – 45 mins.(Depends on the no. Of lesions.)


At Dermacare we offer 2 techniques for ear lobe repair, Surgical and non-surgical.

Surgical Option:

Ear lobe repair surgery is a reconstructive procedure performed to restore the appearance of earlobes that have been torn or stretched due to ear tearing, trauma or piercing. This split looks unattractive and renders the earlobe unusable for ear jewellery.

This can be effectively and safely corrected in our clinic using delicate surgical repair technique. The procedure is routinely performed at our center under local anesthesia.

The earlobe can be pierced again 12 hours after the surgical procedure.

Non-Surgical Earlobe Repairs

This is ideal for individuals who have an incomplete earlobe cleft. 2 – 3 sittings of surgical glue is required at an interval of 7 – 14 days. This non-invasive procedure is an good option for minimal cleft repair. It gives good functional and cosmetic results with low cost, minimal risk and easy application.

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