Permanent Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair can be the physiological excess hair or pathological hirsuitism (excess hair secondary to hormonal imbalance). Both of these are socially embarrassing.

Treatment options:


The latest technology, ‘high’ in efficacy and ‘low’ in discomfort is the breakthrough hair removal laser “SOPRANO”. Also popularly called “pain free Laser”.

This Laser is a diode laser, which is the ideal wavelength for hair removal. Its “in motion” technology makes the procedure virtually painless with no skin irritation, redness or discoloration.

No. Of sessions: 6 – 8

Duration per session: Depends on the body part.

(e.g.: Upper lip – 10 mins.

Underarm: 15 mins.

Full legs: 2 hrs.)

Intervals between 2 sessions: 4 – 6 weeks

Q Switch Laser for fine hair

This technology is long pulsed NdYag delivered in nanoseconds. This is an ideal technology for fine hair where the regular diode laser does not show improvement.

Ideal for fine hair of the face and can also be used for fine hair on trunk, abdomen and back.

No. Of sessions: 8 – 10 sessions

Duration per session: Depends on the body part.(Typically a Face takes 30 mins.)

Interval between 2 sessions: 4 weeks

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